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Pressure Vessels for ANFO Trucks

ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks
ANFO Trucks

Powder-Monkey is the trusted name for ANFO Trucks

AIRPLACO supplies pressure vessels to the industry for incorporation into a complete ANFO charging rig. The Powder Monkey is the trusted brand for vessels on ANFO trucks built by manufacturers around the globe. ANFO trucks include many features dependent on each manufacturer, such as maximum boom reach that supports multiple heading applications.  ANFO trucks are purpose-built and designed to meet the rugged environments of underground mining. ANFO charging trucks are made for high speed and high density charging in all directions. High capacities are available for high speed charging and efficiency. Trucks include worker platform booms with extendable platform rising.

The following are a sample of features available from ANFO truck suppliers:

Large face coverage with minimal overall vehicle size means more productive ANFO charging with single setup face coverage. High-capacity stick powder, cap and primer storage reduces trips to powder magazines. Fully sealed electrical system maintains circuit continuity for low-maintenance and extended life. Multistage, fully hydraulic telescopic boom creates a safe, stable platform Self-contained operation with reliable hydraulic powered air compressors allows for operations without dependence on mine air circuit.

ANFO vessels optional capacities provide enough storage volume for several faces without need for refueling. Ready designed place for stick powder boxes, primers and detonators makes it possible to bring all the needed materials to the workplace at once and eliminates the need for an additional service vehicle. Compressor option eliminates the need for external pressure airline. Liquid cooled turbo charged TIER 3 engines provides clean and efficient operation and gives maximum speeds in inclined tunnels.

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Featured Vessel

PM-3 ANFO Loaders

The Airplaco Powder Monkey PM-3 ANFO loader is a compact vessel allowing portability on the jobsite. It has a capacity to hold up to 150 lbs of materials and is under five feet tall. Powder Monkey vessels are certified to ASME code.

ANFO Placement Hose


The mining industry uses both anti-static nitrile hose and semi-conductive polyethylene tubing with the Powder Monkey to place AN-FO into blasting (bore) holes. Airplaco AN-FO hose has been field-tested and approved for over 50 years.

Air Mechanism

pressure vessel air plumbing

The Airplaco Powder Monkey features an exclusive plumbing assembly standard on each pressure vessel / anfo loader. The assembly includes aluminum air distribution manifold combined with stainless steel plumbing components.

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