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Powder MonkeyTM AN-FO Hose

Either anti-static rubber hose or semi-conductive polyethylene tubing are used with the Powder Monkey to place AN-FO into blasting (bore) holes on a mining surface. Airplaco ANFO hose has been field-tested and approved for over 60 years in mines across the country.
Anti-Static Rubber Bore Hose

Anti-Static Rubber Bore Hose is constructed of Ammonium Nitrate and engineered for safe and effective pellet transfer in blasting hole loading.  Anti-Static Rubber hose gives miners the flexibility they need for ANFO loading while ensuring a safe product that is approved by the United States Mine Safety and Health Administration (USMSHA). Stock sizes available:

AN-FO Hose Description
660371 1 inch ID x 1.42 OD Plicord Ammonium Nitrate Pellet
712560 1 1/2 inch ID x 1.42 OD Plicord Ammonium Nitrate Pellet
Lengths 50 ft or 100 ft lengths available
Tube Black Nitrile synthetic rubber (static dissipating/static conductive)
Cover Black Chemigum synthetic rubber (static dissipating/static conductive)
Temperature -25 to 200 F (-31 to 93 C)
Packaging 100' lengths, coiled and polywrapped
Branding Continuous spiral brand Ammonium Nitrate Pellet 100 psi.
Max WP 100 psi
Weight .34 lb /ft
Semi-Conductive Polyethylene Bore Hose

Semi-Conductive plastic tubing carefully combines the necessary characteristics desired by leading mining companies. It is pliable enough for ease of handling, yet stiff enough to insert into bore holes. Its conductivity easily dissipates static electricity without transmitting possible stray currents. Stock sizes available:

AN-FO Hose Description
660367 inch ID x 100 ft Coil
660369 1 inch ID X 100 ft Coil
Straight lengths and special wall thicknesses are available as special orders



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